National Football League
National Football League Transactions
For The Last 14 Days
11/25/2014J'Marcus Webb, TSigned
11/25/2014Justice Cunningham, TEPromoted from the practice squad
11/25/2014Damian Williams, WRWaived
11/25/2014Brian Schwenke, CPlaced on injured reserve
11/25/2014Dontay Moch, LBSigned from the practice squad
11/25/2014Eric Olsen, CSigned
11/25/2014Jalil Brown, CBWaived
11/25/2014Michael Bush, RBSigned
11/25/2014Kelvin Palmer, OLReleased
11/25/2014Kerwynn Williams, RBReleased
11/25/2014Terrell Manning, LBSigned from the Cincinnati practice squad
11/25/2014Brandon McManus, KWaived
11/25/2014Connor Barth, KSigned
11/25/2014Jamon Meredith, OTSigned
11/25/2014Andre Smith, TPlaced on injured reserve
11/25/2014Cordarro Law, DESigned from the practice squad
11/25/2014Quinton Pointer, DBReleased
11/25/2014Marcus Thigpen, WRReleased
11/25/2014D.J. Williams, TESigned
11/25/2014Taylor Sloat, TESigned to the practice squad
11/25/2014Evan Rodriguez, FB/TESigned to the practice squad
11/25/2014Denicos Allen, LBSigned to the practice squad
11/25/2014Cameron Brate, TESigned from the practice squad
11/25/2014Ted Bolser, TEReleased
11/25/2014Shaun Phillips, LBWaived
11/25/2014R.J. Stanford, CBSigned
11/25/2014Jerrell Harris, LBSigned to the practice squad
11/25/2014Kellen Davis, TEReleased
11/25/2014Rodney Austin, GSigned from the practice squad
11/25/2014Rich Ohrnberger, CPlaced on injured reserve
11/24/2014Joe Kruger, DLSigned to the practice squad
11/24/2014Justin Renfrow, DTSigned to the practice squad
11/24/2014Rishaw Johnson, GReleased
11/24/2014Lou Young, CBSigned to the practice squad
11/24/2014Darin Drakeford, LBReleased
11/24/2014Nick Williams, DESigned from the Pittsburgh practice squad
11/24/2014Ja'Gared Davis, LBSigned to the practice squad
11/24/2014Davon Coleman, DESigned to the practice squad
11/24/2014Victor Butler, LBSigned
11/24/2014Kelcy Quarles, DTWaived
11/24/2014Thad Lewis, QBSigned
11/24/2014Eric Berry, DBPlaced on reserve/non-football illness list
11/24/2014Steve Beauharnais, LBSigned from the practice squad
11/24/2014Adam Hayward, LBPlaced on injured reserve
11/24/2014Jorvorskie Lane, FBPlaced on injured reserve
11/24/2014Ryan Mallett, QBPlaced on injured reserve
11/24/2014Phil Loadholt, TPlaced on injured reserve
11/22/2014Akeem Jordan, LBReleased
11/22/2014Andrew McDonald, OTSigned to the practice squad
11/22/2014Jimmy Staten, DTReleased
11/22/2014Charles Brown, OTReleased
11/22/2014Justin Anderson, LBSigned from the practice squad
11/22/2014Ja'Gared Davis, LBReleased
11/22/2014Casey Walker, DTSigned to the practice squad
11/22/2014Jeremy Stewart, RBSigned from the practice squad
11/22/2014Kapri Bibbs, RBReleased
11/22/2014Micah Pellerin, CBSigned from the practice squad
11/22/2014Davon Coleman, DEReleased
11/22/2014Griff Whalen, WRWaived
11/22/2014Zurlon Tipton, RBSigned from the practice squad
11/22/2014Ryan Miller, G/TPromoted from the practice squad
11/22/2014Richard Crawford, CBWaived
11/22/2014Keith Pough, LBWaived
11/21/2014A.J. Jenkins, WRPlaced on injured reserve
11/21/2014Jason Avant, WRSigned
11/21/2014Freddie Martino, WRReleased
11/21/2014Drew Davis, WRActivated from the PUP list
11/20/2014Edwin Baker, RBSigned to the practice squad
11/20/2014Tauren Poole, RBReleased
11/20/2014MarQueis Gray, TEClaimed off waivers from Minnesota
11/20/2014Phillip Tanner, RBReleased
11/20/2014James Anderson, LBSigned
11/20/2014Yawin Smallwood, LBSigned to the practice squad
11/20/2014Justin Staples, LBSigned from the practice squad
11/20/2014Casey Walker, DTReleased
11/20/2014LeGarrette Blount, RBSigned to a two-year contract
11/19/2014Chris Matthews, WRSigned to the practice squad
11/19/2014Steven Terrell, FSSigned to the practice squad
11/19/2014Ladarius Perkins, RBSigned to the practice squad
11/19/2014Jalen Saunders, WRSigned from the Seattle practice squad
11/19/2014Brian Leonard, RBReleased
11/19/2014Jarrod Pughsley, OLSigned to the practice squad
11/19/2014Curtis Feigt, OTReleased
11/19/2014George Uko, DESigned to the practice squad
11/19/2014Marshawn Lynch, RBFined $100,000 for violations of the league`s media policy
11/19/2014MarQueis Gray, TEWaived
11/19/2014Ben Tate, RBClaimed off waivers from Cleveland
11/19/2014Justin Anderson, LBSigned to the practice squad
11/19/2014Rishaw Johnson, GSigned to the practice squad
11/18/2014James Anderson, LBReleased
11/18/2014Cordarro Law, DESigned to the practice squad
11/18/2014Jerry Franklin, LBSigned to the practice squad
11/18/2014Edwin Baker, RBReleased
11/18/2014Marcus Whitfield, LBSigned to the practice squad
11/18/2014Michael Hill, RBSigned to the practice squad
11/18/2014Eric Thomas, WRReleased
11/18/2014Ricky Sapp, LBReleased
11/18/2014Josh Bush, DBSigned to the practice squad
11/18/2014Mark Asper, GSigned to the practice squad
11/18/2014Zach Thompson, DEReleased
11/18/2014Douglas McNeil, WRReleased
11/18/2014Robert Steeples, DBSigned to the practice squad
11/18/2014Will Smith, LBReleased
11/18/2014Keith Smith, SSigned to the practice squad
11/18/2014Jeff Baca, G/CReleased
11/18/2014Jacobbi McDaniel, DLSigned to the practice squad
11/18/2014D.J. Smith, LBReleased
11/18/2014Scott Solomon, LBSigned to the practice squad
11/18/2014Zac Diles, LBSigned
11/18/2014Terrence Frederick, CBPromoted from the practice squad
11/18/2014Pierre Warren, SSigned from the Minnesota practice squad
11/18/2014Moise Fokou, LBSigned
11/18/2014Rafael Bush, DBPlaced on injured reserve
11/18/2014Brandin Cooks, WRPlaced on injured reserve
11/18/2014Ahmad Dixon, SWaived
11/18/2014Marc Mariani, WRSigned to a two-year contract
11/18/2014Weslye Saunders, TESigned
11/18/2014Victor Butler, LBReleased
11/18/2014Travian Robertson, DTSigned from the Atlanta practice squad
11/18/2014Lemuel Jeanpierre, CSigned
11/18/2014Steven Terrell, FSWaived
11/18/2014Dominique Williams, RBSigned to the practice squad
11/18/2014Terrell Manning, LBSigned to the practice squad
11/18/2014Justin Jackson, LBReleased
11/18/2014Marcus Cromartie, DBSigned to the practice squad
11/18/2014Xavier Grimble, TEReleased
11/18/2014Matthew Mulligan, TESigned
11/18/2014Troy Niklas, TEPlaced on injured reserve
11/18/2014Ricky Havill-Heimuli, DTSigned to the practice squad
11/18/2014Ahmad Bradshaw, RBPlaced on injured reserve
11/18/2014Josh Harris, RBSigned from the practice squad
11/18/2014Andrew McDonald, OTWaived
11/18/2014LeGarrette Blount, RBWaived
11/18/2014DeAndre Presley, WRSigned from the practice squad
11/18/2014Mike Tolbert, FBActivated from injured reserve
11/18/2014Nate Chandler, DTPlaced on injured reserve
11/18/2014Jason Avant, WRWaived
11/18/2014Roc Carmichael, CBRe-signed
11/18/2014Earl Wolff, SPlaced on injured reserve
11/18/2014Josh Cribbs, WRSigned
11/18/2014Ben Tate, RBWaived
11/18/2014Adrian Peterson, RBSuspended without pay for the rest of the season by (NFL)
11/17/2014Jake Schum, PReleased
11/17/2014Kaluka Maiava, LBReleased
11/17/2014Mike Flacco, TEReleased
11/17/2014Michael Huey, GSigned to the practice squad
11/17/2014Rashad Ross, WRReleased
11/17/2014Ian Williams, NTPlaced on injured reserve
11/17/2014Glenn Dorsey, DEActivated from injured reserve
11/17/2014LaVon Brazill, WRSuspension lifted
11/17/2014Allen Reisner, TESigned to the practice squad
11/17/2014Emmanuel Ogbuehi, TEReleased
11/17/2014Justin Anderson, LBReleased
11/17/2014Geoff Schwartz, OTActivated from injured reserve
11/17/2014Antone Smith, RBPlaced on injured reserve
11/17/2014Marcedes Lewis, TEActivated from injured reserve
11/17/2014Leodis McKelvin, CBPlaced on injured reserve
11/17/2014Brandon Smith, CBSigned to the practice squad
11/17/2014Bacarri Rambo, SSigned
11/17/2014Josh Gordon, WRSuspension lifted
11/15/2014Cierre Wood, RBReleased
11/15/2014Melvin Ingram, LBActivated from injured reserve
11/15/2014Cordarro Law, DEReleased
11/15/2014Adrian Phillips, DBSigned from the practice squad
11/15/2014Jason Verrett, CBPlaced on injured reserve
11/15/2014Curtis Feigt, OTSigned to the practice squad
11/15/2014Jarrod Pughsley, OLReleased
11/15/2014Allen Bailey, DERe-signed to a four-year contract extension
11/15/2014Jimmie Ward, DBPlaced on injured reserve
11/15/2014Justin Perillo, TESigned to the active roster from the practice squad
11/15/2014Jamon Meredith, TReleased
11/15/2014Jalil Brown, CBSigned to the active roster
11/15/2014Justin Anderson, LBPromoted from the practice squad
11/15/2014Peyton Hillis, RBPlaced on injured reserve
11/14/2014Ethan Hemer, DESigned to the practice squad
11/14/2014Thomas Keiser, LBReleased
11/14/2014Keith Smith, SReleased
11/14/2014Keith Pough, LBSigned from the practice squad
11/14/2014Phil Taylor, DLPlaced on injured reserve
11/14/2014Marquess Wilson, WRActivated from injured reserve
11/14/2014Will Davis, CBPlaced on injured reserve
11/14/2014Jake Schum, PSigned to the practice squad
11/14/2014Jeremy Grable, LBReleased
11/13/2014Jackson Jeffcoat, LBSigned to the practice squad
11/13/2014Nathan Slaughter, WRReleased
11/13/2014Jerome Couplin, SSigned to the practice squad
11/13/2014Pat Edwards, WRReleased
11/13/2014Todd Davis, LBClaimed off waivers from New Orleans
11/13/2014Nate Irving, LBPlaced on injured reserve
11/13/2014Josh Mauro, DESigned from the Pittsburgh practice squad
11/13/2014Kiero Small, FBSigned to the practice squad
11/13/2014Jace Davis, WRReleased
11/13/2014Dekoda Watson, LBSigned

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